NuSphere PhpED

NuSphere PhpED 19.3

NuSphere PhpED is today's top integrated development environment for php

NuSphere PhpED is one of the most complete PHP IDEs of the market. It features a full PHP installation with a custom test webserver, plus the enhanced PHP real-time Debugger (you may notice icons for both programs over your system tray).

At installation time you are able to select to install a lot of optional components that work tightly integrated with PhpED, such as PHP/MySQL/PostGRE manuals, CVS clients and more. Plus, you can choose to install PHP4, PHP5 or even both.

This new version features more extensive configuration wizards for beginner users (both to use in projects and debugging sessions). The CSS WYSIWYG tools were also refactored to provide a better experience and accuracy.

PhpED has everything that a professional IDE must have: code folding and formatting, class and methods auto-completion, indexing of user directories and a lot more. But IMO there are better products on the market FOR FREE.

Please note that at first start you have to request a trial license key in order to start using the program. With such key you can use the software with its complete set of features for 14 days.

Review summary


  • Very complete PHP IDE, excellent debugger integration


  • Price is quite high, I prefer other freeware products such as NetBeans or Eclipse PDT
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